Recent Datacenter News

  • Cisco Gives Bullish Outlook Helped by New Products, Software Cisco's sales in its first fiscal quarter outperformed analysts' expectations, and the company gave a bullish forecast for the current three-month period • The forecast was boosted by corporate spending on network upgrades, Bloomberg reported • The company reported growth in all its market segments and geographic regions, but it's growth in software and services that's the most important indicator, both for the company's long-term strategy and for Wall Street • CEO Chuck Robbins is remaking Cisco into a provider of network software and services, aiming to de-emphasize slowing networking hardware sales
  • Blockchain: Beyond the Buzz Enterprise-level businesses are now beginning to discover that blockchain, often wrongly considered synonymous with cryptocurrency mining, has far broader applications. This white paper will provide a real-world overview of blockchain basics and expl
  • E-computing: The Next Steps To meet demands for fast time-to-market and efficient operations a uniform computing environment that spans on-premises data centers and public cloud is needed.
  • Step Inside Apple’s Data Center in Arizona, Courtesy of The Arizona Republic Its Spaceship HQ may be cool, but this is one of the tech giant’s more business-critical facilities
  • Icahn Discloses Positions in VMware and Its Tracking Stock Worth $535M Activist investor Carl Icahn disclosed new positions in VMware and its tracking stock DVMT • The billionaire had a 2.1 percent stake in the data center software giant at the end of June, Bloomberg reported, citing a regulatory filing Tuesday • His interest in DVMT was 1.2 percent • Together, the two new positions are worth $525 million
  • Cloud Data Centers Are Coming to the Suburbs
    Cloud Data Centers Are Coming to the Suburbs More huge data centers are coming to the suburbs of major American cities, shifting servers closer to consumers in places like Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta and Phoenix.
  • Switch Results Disappoint Wall Street Again, Stock Craters Data center provider Switch reported disappointing results for the third quarter in a row • The results, which failed to meet Wall Street’s expectations, led to the company’s stock dropping to its lowest point since its IPO last October • Analysts covering the company appear to be losing patience with the C-suite’s narrative, which had promised growth much sooner than management is now expecting
  • Three More Intel Chip Exploits Surface There are three more Meltdown/Spectre-type Intel chip exploits. The vulnerability affects Intel's desktop, workstation, and server CPUs. Particularly affected by the latest Intel chip exploits revealed might be IT shops running containers and untrusted virtual machines.
  • Busting Three Edge Computing Myths As organizations begin eyeing a move to edge computing, various misperceptions are clouding their potential migrations.
  • Machine Learning Is Becoming a Must in Data Center Network Security The volume of data traveling on networks and sophistication of attack tools are outpacing human experts’ capabilities.
  • Energy Storage: Lead Acid Versus Lithium-Ion Batteries
    Energy Storage: Lead Acid Versus Lithium-Ion Batteries This is the first entry in a four-part Data Center Frontier Special Report Series, in partnership with Liion, that explores the future of lithium-ion batteries and their impact on energy storage. This entry offers a comparison of the capabilities and characteristics of lead acid versus lithium-ion batteries. 
  • Phoenix Data Center Growth Accelerated by Surge in Leasing
    Phoenix Data Center Growth Accelerated by Surge in Leasing This Data Center Frontier Special Report series explores how Phoenix has become one of the most dynamic data center growth markets in the U.S., with a surge in leasing in the past two years, including major deals featuring hyperscale cloud companies.
  • What’s All This About Liquid Cooling in Data Centers? The rise of machine learning has put some wind behind liquid cooling in data centers. We decided to spend July taking a closer look at the trend and answering some big questions surrounding it. Here's everything that we've learned.
  • QTS Delivers Hyperscale Data Center to Non-Hyperscale Client in Ashburn QTS has launched a new data center in Ashburn, Northern Virginia, with a financial services firm as the anchor tenant • The wholesale lease is for about 2MW, a type of deal seen more frequently with hyperscale cloud platforms • The new facility is geared toward hyperscale clients, but the deal shows that traditional enterprises also see value in hyperscale-like economics and being in the world’s hottest data center market
  • Power Shift: Why Data Centers Must Control Water Use, Part 2 As water-cooled servers increasingly enter the market, it is not enough to merely say a data center offers low-water cooling systems.
  • Oracle Accused of Defrauding Investors on Cloud Sales Growth Florida-based City of Sunrise Firefighters' Pension Fund is leading a lawsuit against Oracle, alleging the company lied to shareholders about drivers behind earlier cloud sales growth • The suit, filed last Friday, is seeking class-action status, Bloomberg reported • An Oracle spokeswoman said the suite has no merit and that the company will vigorously defend against the claims • After a few years of focus on enterprise cloud services, Oracle's effort is still nascent, and the company trails market-share leaders in key segments
  • Data Center Job Spotlight: Data Center Facility Manager This month's Data Center Job Spotlight highlights two construction project manager jobs, a data center facility manager position, and new openings for electrical engineers, as well.  Opportunities span across some of the largest and fastest growing data center markets, including Northern Virginia, the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Boston and more. 
  • Today’s Changing IT Executive Role
    Today’s Changing IT Executive Role In this edition of  Voices of the Industry, Charisse Richards, Vice President of IT and  Integration at Iron Mountain Data Centers, explores how digital transformation is reshaping the industry and the role of IT executives. 
  • Data Centers Must Move from Reducing Energy to Controlling Water While we can’t change the physics of how many BTUs versus how much water is used, we can control them.
  • Ernst & Young to Spend Extra $1 Billion on Cloud, New Technology Financial-services firm Ernst & Young is spending an extra $1 billion on new technology, including AI and shifting platforms to the cloud • A significant portion of the new investment will be spent on shifting to the cloud • But EY will also be building new technology, while supporting areas including its tax and financial crime businesses, Bloomberg reported • EY is among a bevy of financial groups looking to reinvest in new technology