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  • HPE and DOE Partner to Build Largest ARM-Based Supercomputer • Hewlett Packard Enterprise collaborates with Sandia National Laboratories and the U.S. Department of Energy to build Astra, the world's largest ARM-Based supercomputer • HPE says this is a stepping stone on the way to developing exascale computing • The National Nuclear Security Administration will use the system for national security, energy, and science purposes • The system will be liquid cooled and deploy 5184 ARM SoCs
  • Edge Computing Supports New Strategies, New Players
    Edge Computing Supports New Strategies, New Players Edge computing comprises a broad spectrum of technologies and use cases, enabling new strategies for end users and service providers alike. Here's a look at Data Center Frontier's latest coverage of edge trends and players.
  • AT&T Sells 31 Data Centers to Brookfield for $1.1B AT&T has agreed to sell 31 data centers to Brookfield Infrastructure Partners for $1.1 billion • The assets and operations being sold comprise AT&T’s data center colocation business • Brookfield will use the assets to launch a new wholly owned global colocation business • AT&T is the latest telecommunications giant to divest a massive data center portfolio, following similar deals by Verizon, CenturyLink, and others
  • Intel Ousts CEO Krzanich After Relationship With Employee Intel removed Brian Krzanich as CEO after learning he had violated company policies by having a consensual relationship with an employee, Bloomberg reported • CFO Robert Swan was made interim CEO until the board finds a permanent replacement • Management learned about the relationship a week ago from an employee who was following company policy that requires staff to report such matters • The ouster throws into turmoil the leadership of a company that’s been a model of stability and organization for 50 years
  • IoT and Latency Issues Will Guide Edge Deployments
    IoT and Latency Issues Will Guide Edge Deployments Our Data Center Executive Roundtable gazes into the future shape of edge computing, examining how IoT and latency issues will guide edge deployments:
  • Visa’s UK Network Outage: What You Need to Know Visa Europe has attributed the widespread outage of its UK network on June 1 to a failed network switch in one of its two data centers • Nine percent of the credit card swipes attempted that afternoon failed, Visa Europe CEO Charlotte Hogg wrote in a letter to the Parliament • The unique nature of the failure meant the failover mechanism did not work as designed • Visa’s European operations team has replaced the failed component and plans to install monitoring software, but a more long-term fix is in the works
  • Build To Suit: The Best Option You Haven't Thought Of In today’s technology-driven economy businesses are either expanding or preparing to expand their data centers.  Many businesses are looking at the benefits of colocation solutions while others are considering building their own data center. But, the
  • Rackspace, HPE Launch Pay-as-You-Go Private Cloud in Any Data Center Rackspace is expanding its VMware and Kubernetes private cloud options with a pay-as-you-go feature • On-demand pricing and just-in-time capacity management will be enabled by HPE’s GreenLake Flex Capacity service • The feature aims at public cloud providers, taking away one of their biggest advantages over private cloud
  • Long Live the IoT Platform The 'IoT Platform' won’t be a magical piece of software. It will be a sedimentary fusion pulled together by system integrators and tribal wisdom.
  • Roundtable: What Has the GDPR Meant for Data Centers?
    Roundtable: What Has the GDPR Meant for Data Centers? The GDPR has finally arrived. What has it meant for data center providers? Five thought leaders on our DCF Executive Roundtable debate privacy, security and whether a GDPR-style law could work in America.
  • HPE: $4 Billion Says Intelligent Edge is the Future of Computing • Hewlett Packard Enterprise unveiled a new $4 billion strategic investment in intelligent edge • Company CEO Antonio Neri made the announcement in his opening keynote for HPE Discover • HPE believes intelligent edge is its “next big opportunity” • The money will be spent on developing technology and services to enable an edge-to-cloud architecture of the future, where most of the data generated by connected devices is processed at the edge
  • Oracle Beats Estimates in Sign of Traction for Cloud Push Over the past few months, the company has engaged in a charm offensive meant to woo new and old customers to convert to its cloud products.
  • DCK Up to Date: The Data Center Flash Briefing - June 19, 2018 Self-driving software platform developer Renovo has partnered with data center provider EdgeConneX to build edge data centers that will collect and process self-driving car data where the cars spend most of their downtime: at charging stations... Computing hardware maker Lenovo has launched a portfolio of liquid-cooling designs for high-density servers. The Neptune portfolio is a bet that liquid cooling will proliferate beyond its traditional supercomputer niche... Operators of the world’s largest cloud platforms spent an unusually large amount of money on hardware and software those platforms are made of in the first three months of 2018, according to Synergy Research Group, whose new report estimates that these companies – including Amazon, Microsoft, and Google – spent north of $11 billion on servers, storage, networking, operating systems and virtualization software for their cloud infrastructure... For more on these (and many other) stories, visit DataCenterKnowledge dot com.
  • Switching Gears on Data Center Security Today there are two methods to encrypt data in transit: encryption at the packet layer and encryption at the optical layer.
  • Cloud Giants Spent Unusually Big on Data Center Tech in the First Quarter Market analysts estimate north of $11 billion spent on cloud hardware and software
  • Microsoft Removes Mention of ICE Cloud Work After Protests The company currently has $19.14 million in active contracts with ICE.
  • Lenovo Aims New Liquid Cooling Designs at Mainstream Data Centers Expects rising power densities to expand water’s appeal beyond HPC market
  • Roundtable: Are We Nearing the Speed Limit on Data Center Delivery?
    Roundtable: Are We Nearing the Speed Limit on Data Center Delivery? Our Executive Roundtable debates data center construction and supply chain management. In an era of just-in-time cloud demand, can we go even faster?
  • 5 Ways To Get Ready For The Future Of Machine Learning In this whitepaper, we’re going to explore the 5 Ways to get ready for the future of Machine Learning. Machine learning and the artificial intelligence (AI) it powers is everywhere in the news, but it’s not just hype — it’s technology your competitor
  • HFT Traders Dust Off 19th Century Tool in Search of Market Edge Mysterious antennas in Chicago point to trading tech companies testing shortwave radio to gain market edge