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  • Ellison Touts Hardware “Barriers” and “Robots” Guarding Oracle’s Cloud Oracle CTO Larry Ellison touted “impenetrable barriers” and “autonomous robots” that guard Oracle’s second-generation cloud platform in his opening keynote for Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco Monday • The robots refer to automated threat detection and remediation • The barriers are formed by what he described as a network of dedicated computers that secure the cloud platform • By highlighting these security features, Ellison sought to differentiate Oracle from other cloud providers, placing particular focus on market leader Amazon Web Services
  • Apple, AWS CEOs Say Bloomberg Should Retract the Spy Chip Story Apple and AWS CEOs have called on Bloomberg to retract its story that alleges their hardware has been compromised by a malicious Chinese spy chip • Apple’s Tim Cook called for the retraction in an interview with BuzzFeed Friday • AWS CEO Andy Jassy did so in a tweet Monday
  • The Cost-Effective Way to Increase Data Center Capacity One technique combines intelligent software with specialized power-control hardware, turning power into a resource that can be pooled dynamically across the whole data center.
  • Alibaba Expands Cloud Business to UK With New Data Centers Alibaba opened its first data centers in the UK, with two sites operational in London • England is one of the fastest-growing European markets for Alibaba Cloud, the company said • The drive is fueled in part by government demands
  • New Ways to Deploy Edge Capacity for Data Center Leaders
    New Ways to Deploy Edge Capacity for Data Center Leaders This is the first entry in a four-part Data Center Frontier special report series that explores edge computing from a data center perspective. This post serves as an introduction to why data center leaders are looking for new ways to deploy edge capacity for their facilities. 
  • State of the European Data Center Market
    State of the European Data Center Market In this edition of Voices of the Industry, Eric Boonstra, VP & GM of Iron Mountain Data Centers Western Europe explores how the European data center market is evolving and poised for future growth.
  • Top 5 Data Center Stories of the Week: October 19, 2018 For your weekend reading, here are some of the most popular stories that appeared on DCK this week.
  • Canonical Eyes FinTech With Ubuntu Server 18.10 Canonical says that the latest version of its Ubuntu Server Linux operating system incorporates input from the financial services industry.
  • Super Micro Tells Senators No Evidence of Chinese Hardware Hack Super Micro said in a letter to two senators that it has seen no evidence of tampering with its hardware components • The letter is in response to inquiries following a Bloomberg report that described how China’s intelligence services used subcontractors to plant malicious chips in the company’s server motherboards • Among targets of the hack identified by Bloomberg was a maker of software to help funnel drone footage to the CIA and communicate with the International Space Station
  • Sale-Leaseback Emerges as a Portfolio Building Strategy
    Sale-Leaseback Emerges as a Portfolio Building Strategy A growing number of providers using sale-leaseback deals to build national data center portfolios, acquiring underutilized enterprise facilities and converting them to multi-tenant operations.
  • Three Ways to Help Employees Succeed in a Hybrid IT Environment When we look at the 'human' aspect of hybrid ecosystems, employees will need to learn new skills to coexist with current ones.
  • OVH Keeps Super Micro as Supplier, Vets Hardware In-House OVH is sticking with Super Micro as a supplier after it audited its servers and found no sign of a hardware attack, Founder Octave Klaba said at a press conference Wednesday • A team of in-house experts systematically vets parts coming from external providers and assembles them into the servers the European company relies on to offer its cloud services • A report by Bloomberg Businessweek this month said that Chinese infiltration through subcontractors of Super Micro reached almost 30 companies, including Amazon and Apple • Amazon and Apple have disputed the findings
  • Are You Spending Too Much (or Too Little) on Cybersecurity? Pinpointing the right level of security spend is easy in theory but not in practice.
  • Achieving Sustainability through Flexibility in the Data Center
    Achieving Sustainability through Flexibility in the Data Center In this week’s Voices of the Industry column,  Marc Cram, Director of Sales for Server Technology, discusses how PDUs and advancements in the PDU market is helping address the need for reusability and sustainability in the data center. 
  • Are Consumers Worried Enough to Buy a Personal Server? Seattle startup Privacy Labs is selling a server that runs email, contacts, and calendar services through a personal web domain • The gadget is about the size of an open paperback book that sits on a side table or desk rather than in a data center • Privacy Labs wants the server to eventually become a private digital-identity hub for everything people do online • Instead of Google and Facebook storing all your information in their data centers, consumers would control the data and internet companies would have to ask for access
  • Lenovo and Scale Pitch Hyperconverged Boxes for the Edge of Enterprise Networks Lenovo has partnered with hyperconverged infrastructure platform developer Scale Computing to offer an out-of-the-box HCI solution for edge computing • The solution combines Lenovo hardware with Scale's HC3 platform, which brings together storage, servers, and virtualization • HC3 has been available and fully supported on Dell hardware since 2012 and on equipment from Super Micro for about three years, a Scale rep told Data Center Knowledge
  • SSH Authentication Bug Opens Door If You Say You're Logged-In Due to a coding error, the libssh SSH authentication library would pass anyone who said they'd already successfully logged-in.
  • Facebook’s Effort to Break Up the Data Center Interconnect “Black Box” Gains Steam The API that decouples optical interconnect hardware from network software is ready for primetime.
  • Life After Infomart: A New Player Joins the Data Center Boom
    Life After Infomart: A New Player Joins the Data Center Boom New CEO Brian Cox will lead a relaunch and rebranding of the wholesale data center business of Infomart Data Centers, which was acquired by IPI Data Center Investors.
  • IBM Misses Sales Estimates, Casting Doubt on Growth Engines IBM missed analysts’ quarterly revenue estimates, ending a short-lived streak of sales gains • Its third-quarter earnings report casted doubt on the strategy to boost growth through new businesses like cloud and AI • After six years of declining sales, the company showed gains in the past three quarters • Those were largely due to its legacy mainframes